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Best Cat Nail Clippers Of 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1.  Boshel2. EPICA3. Safari 
Boshel Nail Clippers And Trimmer best cat nail clippersEPICA Professional Nail ClipperSafari Professional Nail Trimmer

Have you ever noticed how a simple ?purr? from a cat makes humans go nuts about their cuteness? What can be more adorable than when your kitty purrs while rubbing up against you when you pet them?!

Cats make ideal pets for people who work full time or live in an apartment. There are rumors that cats are quite anti-social. This rumor is not at all true. Cats have an independent nature but are not anti-social. They are really loving, playful, and wonderful companions.


There are so many reasons why cats make the best pets. One of these reasons is that they are very playful. You don?t have to entertain them and make them play with lots of toys and bells. Just get them a string of wool and watch them go crazy!

Cats are also easier to take care of as compared to dogs. However, many of the cats? species are quite shy. You always have to remember that cats are predators, so it is always important to be a little cautious with them.

It is relatively easy to train cats as compared to dogs, because of their instinctive behaviour. No litter box training is required for cats. All you need is a litter box big enough for your cat and make sure that it is always kept clean. You also have to make sure that it is set up properly so that your cat can get out of it without any problem.

Most people are surprised when they hear that cats don?t need a lot of grooming. It is safe to say that cats love personal hygiene and groom themselves for the most part. A cat?s tongue has small barbs that help remove debris and dirt from the fur . It also helps distribute their skin?s natural oils. However, if you?ve decided to pet a long-haired breed then they may require additional grooming with a brush.

As mentioned above, cats have an independent nature. Many cats love the company of humans and other pets, but they also need their personal space. This simply means that they do not require your attention every minute of the day.

Also, even the most insistent meows of cats are much quieter than most barks. Even when a cat tries her hardest to annoy you into giving her your attention or some extra treats, her meows are quite adorable. So you?ll never hear your neighbours complaining about the cat meowing too much.

Cats are small, and hence, they get plenty of exercise indoors, especially when your apartment has a lot of vertical spaces for your cat to climb. Cats don?t need to be taken outside to do their business in the middle of the night. As much as we hate to clean up their litter box, it is still less of a burden and much easier than having to go out and throw litter bags full of your fluffy friend?s waste. They are super easy to potty train.

Cats that are born stray, bury their waste, hence most of the cats know how to use the litter boxes as soon as you bring them one.

All in all, cats make better pets because they are low-maintenance. But they have really sharp claws. Cats are predator species but those in human custody don?t have to hunt for their food, hence eliminating the need of sharp claws. Overgrown cat claws prove to be a nuisance after some time as cats love to sit on couches and other cosy furniture, thereby damaging them with their sharp claws unintentionally. Not only their sharp claws cause monetary harm, but also hurt their owners as well as themselves. Therefore, it is wise to clip their claws on a regular basis.

Now, we cannot trim their claws with standard nail trimmers that we use. Cat claws are much more sensitive as well as stronger than our nails and for them we need special nail clippers. There are several types of cat nail clippers available on the market.

Types Of Best Cat Nail Clippers

There are mainly three types of cat nail clippers available on the market- Guillotine Nail Clippers, Scissor Nail Clippers, and Grinding Tool Trimmers. These three types of cat nail clippers are discussed briefly below.

1. Guillotine Clippers

As the name suggests, these nail clippers have a structure similar to guillotines. They have a small stationary ring in which you have to put your cat?s nails. It looks similar to a hole puncher. On squeezing the handles, a blade slides forward to slice off the nail beyond that point.

This type of nail clipper is ideal for small to medium sized cats. It will not be able to cut larger cats? nails. This nail clipper is a little risky to use as it will slice off as much nail as you put in the hole. So if you place it too close to the quick, bleeding will occur. This is what you always have to keep in mind while using a guillotine nail clipper. In case by mistake you place the nail in a crooked way then the nail might get crushed too. You have to replace the blades regularly, to use it properly.

2. Scissor Clippers

As the name suggests, these types of nail clippers look like scissors and are used like scissors too. These types of nail clippers are the most popular and used ones on the market because using them is as easy as using a pair of scissors and hence you?ll have a clear idea about how much a part of the nail you want to cut, unlike the guillotine types.

Unlike the guillotine nail clippers, these scissor nail clippers can be used for larger cats as well. Scissor nail clippers are strongly built. Due to the scissor-mechanism, an adequate amount of force is needed to trim tough nails.

You?d barely need to replace the blades of scissor clippers. All you have to do is sharpen them once in a while for a smooth nail clipping experience.

3. Grinding Tool Trimmers

If you are not careful during the nail clipping session, there is a risk of cutting too much part of your cat?s nails with scissors clippers. If you are a beginner or someone who always tend to cut too close to the quick and are not confident, then a grinding tool trimmer is ideal for you.

These types of nail trimmers are made up of sandpaper or emery board that will grind the cats? nails down bit by bit easily. You will see a gradual decrease in the nail?s length, and hence you can monitor carefully and don?t end up trimming too much. You can stop tripping when you think that you?ve reached the nail?s appropriate length. Another significant fact about these types of nail clippers is that you will be grinding your cats? nails smoothly and won?t be needing to file them afterwards.

Grinding tool trimmers can be used for any cat, regardless of their size.

Factors To Keep In Mind Before Buying Cat Nail Clippers

Cat claws are much more sensitive as well as stronger than our nails, and for them, we need special nail clippers. There are several types of cat nail clippers available on the market. There are certain factors of cat nail clippers that you should keep in mind before buying them. Some of them are discussed below briefly.

1. Quality Of The Clippers? Blade

There is no doubt that a nail clipper?s most important part is its blade. No matter how many features the clipper has, if its blade is not strong and sharp, it is of no use. So if you have decided to buy a cat nail clipper, make sure that the clipper has a strong and sharp blade made out of high-grade stainless steel so that it remains rust-free for a long, long time.

The reason why the blade should be sharp is obvious. Sharp blade facilitates clean, swift and painless clipping of nails, while a dull blade might injure your cat while you keep on trying to clip its nail over and over.

You should buy a nail clipper that you can sharpen easily at home yourself so that you and your cat experience a smooth clipping session.

2. Safety Features

As mentioned above, cats don?t need frequent grooming. But however easy it may seem, the task of grooming your cat can be a tough one. Even though your cat is well behaved, chaos can happen while cutting their nails. The problem is when you trim your cats? nails so close to the quick that it starts bleeding. It is but natural that your pet cat will be left hurt and in pain.

Hence, there are many such claw clippers available on the market that come with safety features such as ?quick guard,? which prevents you from cutting your cats? nails too close to the quick. Quick means the base of the nail. Many people think that the clippers with this feature do not let them trim the nails properly and so they don?t prefer them. But as per our concern and advice, you should always consider a nail clipper equipped with this ?quick guard? feature or any other safety feature for additional safety. You should not take risks in matters concerning your beloved fluffy friend.

3. Ease Of Usage

Even nail clippers come in simple, fancy, and sophisticated forms, just like any other product. While the fancy clippers might have a pleasing appearance, you should first consider if you are ready and confident about using it properly without hurting your pet cat. In case you are not sure enough, always go for the simple nail clippers first. Once you have had practice on these simple ones, you will be ready to use the fancy and sophisticated ones.

For ease of usage, look for features like an ergonomic design or the clipper, rubberized handle with a non-slip feature allowing a great grip. The good grip will allow you to use the clipper confidently so that you don?t have to worry about the clipper slipping from your hands while trimming tough nails. In case the clipper slips from your hand, there is a risk of you or your pet cat getting hurt seriously due to its sharp blade.

What you should keep in mind is that the handle of the clippers is longer as compared to your palm size so that you get better leverage while gripping it.

4. Mechanism

Considering a cats? nail clippers? mechanism, they are of two types- manual and electronic. People are apprehensive when it comes to using an electronic nail clipper for trimming their cats? nails. Hence, first think if you will be comfortable in using an electronic nail clipper because in case you won?t handle it properly, you might potentially injure your pet.

Regarding the manual nail clippers, they are of three types- guillotine clippers, scissor clippers and grinding tool trimmer. All of the three types of manual cats? nail clippers are briefly discussed above in this article.

5. Budget

Just like we set a budget before buying our gadgets, we should set a budget for our pets? equipment too. As mentioned above, there are all sorts of cat nail clippers available on the market- simple, fancy and sophisticated. It is obvious that the simple ones will cost low relative to the fancy and sophisticated ones.

If you are a beginner, go for the simple scissor clippers at first. Buying a fancy and sophisticated nail clipper without knowing how to use it properly will surely cause inconvenience and it will make you feel like a waste of money. Once you are accustomed and confident in using a nail clipper, then you can buy the fancy and sophisticated ones.

Top 20 Best Cat Nail Clippers 2020

1. Boshel Nail Clippers And Trimmer With Safety Guard

Boshel Nail Clippers And Trimmer best cat nail clippers

This ergonomically designed pet nail clipper is really easy to use and is recommended by animal trainers.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, the blades of these pets? nail clipper are 3.5 mm thick. The blades are powerful enough to trim your dogs? and cats? nails with just one cut. The sharp blades will allow stress-free and smooth usage for years and won?t get blunt easily.

This professional nail clipper is designed to keep the pet owners comfortable while trimming the nails of their pets and features ergonomic handles. The handles of this nail clipper are slip-resistant and provide easy and firm grip. They stay safely in the hands and assure the safety of the user preventing accidental cuts.

This nail clipper is safely outfitted with a safety stop blade. This safety stop blade greatly reduces the risk of cutting nails that are too short and hence prevents you from hurting your pet accidentally.

Along with the nail clippers, this package also includes a mini nail file to file the sharp nails after cutting. It is placed at the left handle of the clipper.

However, for first-timers, it is always recommended to go little by little, even if it takes more than half an hour.


2. EPICA Professional Nail Clipper

EPICA Professional Nail Clipper

This professional nail clipper comes in two different sizes.

With the semi-circular blades of this nail clipper, it is very easy to cut the nails precisely and safely. With this semi-circular design of the blades, the nails will rest in the semi-circle. This way, you can see exactly where you?re cutting the nails from, no guessing.

The high-grade stainless steel used to make the blades of this nail clipper makes it really easy to cut long nails in a single go. In order to keep the clippers in a safety mode, all you have to do is squeeze the handles and slide the lock into the safety position. This will not only ensure your safety, but will also ensure your pets? safety against accidental nicks and cuts.

The rubber coated handles offer a great grip. The handles are incredibly comfortable in hand. This clipper is quite sturdy and make the nail-cutting process quick and easy with a clean cut, no splintering/chipping of nails.

Earning more than five thousand 4.5 star ratings on Amazon, this nail clipper is one of the best cat claw clippers.


3. Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

To give a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge, this nail clipper by Safari has blades made with the finest quality steel.

The blades are extremely sharp and the reverse is spring-loaded so that once you release the locking mechanism, which is very sturdy, the blades easily come open and are ready to use. The small/medium sized trimmer is ideal for cats. The spring loading on the clippers is just right and the quality of the construction is high. One of the most positive attributes of this clipper is that it doesn?t crush the cats? claws but cuts cleanly.

However, the best feature of this clipper by Safari is also the biggest issue. That is the ?guard?. The guard keeps the clippings small, but if you are not careful while using it, it will move on you. According to many users, sometimes you may have a hard time getting the guard in the right place and keeping it in the right place while cutting your cats? claws.

This nail clipper is for both dogs as well as cats.


4. Pet Republique Dog And Cat Nail Clippers And Nail Grinder

Pet Republique Nail Clippers

Available in two sizes- small and large, and two combinations- clipper+grinder and clipper+filer, this dog and cat nail clipper is designed for small breeds like kittens, rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc.

The thick stainless steel blades of this nail clipper are strong and sharp and are made to last. This company also offers a 90 days money-back challenge and 4 years of warranty on this nail clipper. These nail clippers are quality controlled during the process of manufacturing. This clipper?s parts will not loosen or fall apart.

The design of it works great because the closing/locking tab is inside the handles, not outside. The bent angle of the blade allows the pet owners to lift the dog?s or cat?s foot backward and clip the nail horizontal to the pad perfectly, decreasing the chances of cutting the quick. This nail clipper is one of the best cat claw clipper.


5. Gonicc Dog And Cat Nail Clippers And Trimmers

Gonicc Nail Clippers And Trimmers

This ergonomically designed nail clipper for dogs and cats feature non-slip and easy grip handles. This nail clipper is not only strong, but also lightweight. The rubber coated handles are comfortable to grab.

The sharp blades of this clipper are made of high-quality stainless steel. In order to prevent accidents, you can unlock the safety guard on the handle. This safety guard is a safety stop blade that reduces the risk of cutting the nails too short.

The cutter portion of the blade is semi-circular and the nails of the dogs or cats will perfectly fit in the semi-circle without hurting them. It is always easier to cut the nails of pets with a semi-circular blade. The package also includes a filer. However, the included filer is of a little cheaper quality as compared to the clipper, but at least you?ll have a separate file for your pet.

Earning more than five thousand 4 star ratings on Amazon, this nail clipper is quite popular and surely is one of the best nail clippers for cats.


6. GoPets Nail Clippers For Dogs And Cats

GoPets Nail Clippers

Available in two sizes, this nail clipper by GoPets has earned more than a thousand 4.5 star ratings on Amazon, hence it is on this list.

Made with high-quality steel, the blades of this nail clipper are 3.5 mm thick that are ideal for medium sized or large cats and dogs. The blades of this clipper are designed and stress-tested for thousand of smooth, sharp, and clean cuts.

With the quick sensor safety guard, the risk of injury to your pets or yourself is greatly reduced. This easy-to-lock blade not only allows for safe but also convenient storage. It also prevents accidental nicks and cuts. The nail guard prevents over cutting into the quick, so when your dog or cat twists or thrashes you- you don?t accidentally cut too much of their nails.

The blades of this nail clipper are semi-circular that easily cuts the nails clean and the handle offers a non-slip grip.


7. Pet Nail Clippers By Shiny Pet For Small Animals

Pet Nail Clippers By Shiny Pet

These claw scissors by Shiny Pet are especially designed for small animals like kittens, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, and many more.

These clippers are fitted with razor sharp blades made of stainless steel of great quality. The ergonomic design of the handles made of top grade plastic provides a non-slip grip and the material used is also environment-friendly.

The stainless steel blade and the handle of this clipper is finished with a rubberized coating that allows you to securely grip them. This prevents painful accidents with pets.

If you are a beginner, you can always use the instructional ebook included in the package. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the back of the package with your smartphone and get the full guide.

The semi-circular edge of the blades of this clipper allows easy and clean cuts. The clipper features a windowed opening so that the nail is visible.


8. CleanHouse Pets Dogs And Cats Clippers

CleanHouse Pets Clippers

Available in two sizes, these nail clippers by CleanHouse are the most inexpensive ones as compared to all other similar clippers mentioned above.

This easy to use clippers has a built-in safety switch that reduces the risks of accidental nicks and cuts. These nail clippers is ideal for pets of all sizes. The sharp blades of these clippers with semi-circular edge works for large dogs as well as small cats. The handle is designed to be slip-resistant.


9. JOFUYU Updated 2020 Version Cat Nail Clippers And Trimmer

JOFUYU Nail Clippers And Trimmer

Say no to painful nail trimming with JOFUYU nail clippers. The angled edge of the semi-circular steel blades of this nail clippers allows your pets? nails to fit in the edges perfectly so that you don?t have to guess their position and trim them. This prevents any accidental nicks and cuts on your pets? paws. The design of the blades of this clipper keep the nails visible due to the windowed opening.

The anti-slip green handle of this nail clipper provides superb grip so that it doesn?t slip accidentally. The ergonomic rubberised handles of this nail clipper provide excellent grip. These nail clippers are quality controlled during the manufacturing process. The stainless steel blades are designed to last long and sharp.

Ideal for small dogs, cats, rabbits and many more small animals.


10. Simply Pets Online Cat Nail Clippers

Simply Pets Nail Clippers

These professional steel nail clippers by Simply Pets Online are available in packs as well as singly.

These cat claw clippers are designed for small dogs, rabbits, etc. The reliable grip that these nail clippers provides is commendable considering its simple design. The handles are non-slip ensuring a safe nail trimming experience.

These nail clippers are designed to be long-lasting as well as lightweight. Because of the angle of these scissors-type nail clippers, it is much easier to line up the nail with the cutting edge.


11. JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper

JW Nail Clipper

These compact nail clippers are available singly as well as in packs of four and six. The shorter length of these nail clippers makes them easier to maneuver and control. The small blades allow for more precise and safer trimming of nails. The blades provide quick and easy clipping for a stress-free nail clipping experience for your pet. The size of the blades is perfect for all breeds of cats and small dogs.

The non-slip rubber handles of these nail clippers provide a firm grip and stress-free usage. These clippers are designed to be long-lasting and that too at a cheap price.


12. Resco Original Dog And Cat Nail/Claw Clippers

Resco Original Nail Claw Clippers

This guillotine-style nail trimmer is available in three different sizes. This nail clipper is different from all the above-mentioned nail clippers because it offers replaceable blades. The premium chrome plating adds durability, shine and comfort to this nail clipper/trimmer so that you can give a stress-free nail trimming experience to your pet cat.


13. Zen Clipper Pet Nail Clippers

Zen Clipper Nail Clippers

Available in six different hole sizes, the cutting area is ideal for birds, puppies, cats and other small animals. The unique conical blade clips the tip of the nail only, allowing a stress-free nail trimming session. It reduces the risk of cutting your pet?s sensitive nails by only allowing a precise amount of nails to be clipped.

The sharp, stainless steel blade design shears and does not crush your pets? nails. These nail clippers are compact and very easy to use. The blades don?t make any weird noise while trimming and clipping and hence doesn?t scare your pets.


14. Poodle Pet Cat Nail Trimmer Clipper

Poodle Pet Nail Trimmer

Designed to safely trim and clip nails of small pets, these nail clippers are recommended by many animal trainers, and vets.

The cutting blades of this nail clipper are made out of strong stainless steel to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting so that they can be used year after year. The textured surface of the handles provide an anti-slip grip. The rubberised handles provides excellent grip.

This nail clipper and trimmer is upgraded with a quick sensor to allow you an added peace of mind during the nail-clipping session. The ?quick? is the sensitive pink pad that bleeds when cut, but these safety scissors prevent contact with it.

Earning more than two hundred 4.5 star ratings and great reviews, this nail clipper is one of the most easy-to-use clippers on this list and are quite inexpensive. It has rightly earned a position on this list of the best cat nail clippers.


15. Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers

Shiny Pet Nail Clippers

Designed for small pets, these nail clippers are fitted with stainless steel blades with curved cutting edges to provide clean nail cuts. Featuring a windowed opening, the design of this clipper?s blades keeps the nails visible, allowing you to cut them precisely. The handle of this nail clipper is finished with a rubberized coating provides you a secure grip in order to prevent painful accidents.

In case you are a beginner in trimming your pets? nails, there is an instructional guide provided with this nail clipper. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the back of the package with your smartphone and access the guide.


16. Bissell Cat And Dog Nail Clippers

Bissell Nail Clippers

This foolproof nail clipper with built-in nail safety guard and its ergonomic handle provides a secure grip. Like all other similar nail clippers, the blades of this nail clipper is made out of stainless steel with semi-circular cutting edge.

This nail clipper works for both small and large animals and comes with a detailed instruction guide on how to clip nails correctly. The package also includes a nail file that is a bonus. You can smoothen out the sharp and rough edges of your cats? or other pets? nails after clipping.

With extra equipment, this whole package has rightly earned a good position on this list of the best cat nail clippers.


17. Pet Supplies House Dog Nails Clippers And Trimmer

Pet Supplies Nails Clippers

This nail clipper by Pet Supplies House is available in two colors- blue and pink.

The high-quality stainless steel blades of this clipper allow clean nail cuts in a single go. The half-moon shaped incision conforms to the shape of the pet nail. The slip-resistant rubber handle are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip guillotine.

This nail clipper is the perfect and complete solution for nail trimming that comes with an easy stored nail file for smoothing out the rough edges of the freshly clipped nails of your pet.


18. ConairPRO Cat Clippers

ConairPRO Cat Clippers

Available in six different styles- medium comb, pin brush, shears, slicker, soft slicker and small nail clippers, this nail clipper by ConairPRO features an attractive look.

The ergonomic handle of this nail clipper fits comfortably in your hand and offers a non-slip grip which is quite essential to avoid accidental nicks and cuts. This nail clipper features heavy-duty spring action and stainless steel cutting blades. There?s a safety guard present that prevents you from cutting nails too close to the paw.


19. Pettom Cat Nail Clippers

Pettom Cat Nail Clippers

These professional claw clippers by Pettom are ideal for pets of all sizes. For a clean nail cut, this nail clipper is fitted with high-quality stainless steel blades and steelhead. This toenail trimmer is made to be durable and long-lasting. The safety stop blade greatly reduces the risk of cutting nails too deep.

This nail clipper is safe and comfortable to use. The ergonomic design helps reduce accidents. It is highly recommended by animal trainers and groomers worldwide. It is easy to use and is quite inexpensive.


20. Hertzko Professional Pet Nail Scissors

Hertzko Pet Nail Scissors

This professional nail clipper by Hertzko is fitted with high-grade and sharp stainless steel blade that ensures that you never do uneven cuts that can lead to injury or breakage. The semi-circular indentation at the tip of this nail clipper?s blade allow you to see the portion of nails that you are cutting, making the process of nail trimming a lot safer.

The comfortable rubberized handle of this nail clipper provides a great and non-slip grip which prevents hand and wrist strain during the clipping session- ideal for small pets.



The importance of trimming your pet cats? nails is often ignored. Many cats are quite social and cooperative during the nail clipping session. However, many people find it very hard to trim their cats? claws because of their cats? uncooperative nature and just give up the whole trimming thing forever. What they don?t understand is that the sharp claws of their cats are not only dangerous for them but also for their cats. They may hurt themselves with their own claws unintentionally, let alone your expensive furniture.

Going to a pet groomer or vet on a regular basis for your cats? grooming can be expensive and is also practically not possible. This not only increases the work on you but you also have to spend a significant amount of time as well as money in it on a regular basis amidst your busy schedule. So taking the matter of your pets? grooming in your hands is not at all a bad idea.

Now, we cannot trim our cats? nails with nail clippers we use for ourselves as they are not strong enough for the strong and sensitive nails of the cats. There is a whole different range of cat nail clipper, trimmer and grinders ranging from simple to fancy and sophisticated ones. Pet cats spend most of their time indoors in human custody and always find a cosy place to sit like the couches and beds you sit on. With their sharp claws, they are a threat to your expensive furniture.

Even when they are not around the furniture, it is obvious that their overgrown, sharp claws will get in the way of anything it will do. This way the cats will hurt themselves unintentionally just like humans hurt themselves while working with long nails. And when the nails break, they can be very harmful as it will cause profuse bleeding from your cats? paws making it really painful for them. Hence it is important to trim their claws on a regular basis.

For anyone who has decided to groom their pet cat at home by themselves and are looking for the best cat claw clippers, this buyers? guide can prove to be a wholesome buyers? guide for them.

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