Best Couch For Cats 2020: Reviews & Buyer?s Guide

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PetFusion Best Couch For Cat




Cats usually have complex personalities and a fiercely independent nature, but if you are able to understand them, they make great companions.

Cats inherently like leaping, climbing, perching, and scratching; this can be quite annoying and can create chaos within the home. Training a cat to abstain from behaving in this destructive manner is next to impossible.


So, if you thought of training, unfortunately it is not the best and the most effective solution. In fact, most veterinarians consider declawing an inhumane solution.

You need to redirect its behavior a little, plus, invest in scratch-resistant cat accessories. In this article on best couches for cats we are going to review some popular products and give some information on the best couch for cats.

Important Factors To Consider When Shopping For Best Couch For Cats

We know just how much pet parents love their cats, however, caring for them at home is not an easy task. While cats are quite aloof and independent, they can also be naughty.

Kittens usually love to scratch and play, and they don?t always make it to their cat litter trays. This is the reason why household furniture gets spoiled.

Hence, the sooner you buy cat furniture for your pet, the better it is. But before purchasing cat-friendly couches, you need to learn what qualifies as ?cat-friendly?. We?ve compiled together a few tips to help you buy the best couch for cats.

1. Cat-friendly Fabric

The most important factor you need to consider before buying the best couch for cats is its material. Some fabrics are better suited to homes with cats as compared to other fabrics because they are woven well-enough to tackle clawing and scratching.

Cats love to scratch different surfaces and this can affect the chairs and couches. Hence, it is best to opt for items that are made of tougher fabric weaves.

Today the most popular choice for cat couches is microfiber as it is both durable and easy to maintain. You can also opt for other stain-resistant materials as they are the best sofa materials for cats. Leather and other synthetic options are easy to clean, but they won?t be able to withstand scratches and nicks.

Crypton, however, is a patented material treatment that provides protection against stains and inhibits bacterial growth- ideal for your little kitten. As it is a very important factor, we?ll be discussing it separately in detail in the next section of our guide.

2. An Appropriate Color

In spite of all your best efforts, your cat will create some kind of problem or the other. Dirty paws are one of the facts of life that all cat pet parents have to accept. Dropped fur is also another issue and can be more noticeable against specific color schemes.

Keep in mind all these problems when you?re selecting the color of your cat?s couch. Consider how evident the stains and cat fur will be on the items you?re checking out? Purchasing printed or patterned couches is often a good way of tackling such issues.

3. Sharp Edges

Cats love to play, climb around, and explore. But at times, they can be a bit clumsy. This means that the furniture in your home can become a threat if you don?t select wisely.

Choose couches with rounded or padded edges and corners. Of course, there will be times when a couch or chair poses a risk. Make sure you place furniture in a way that limits the chances of dangerous incidents.

4. Nothing With Wooden Legs

Cats are instinctive animals. Many of the instincts that aid them in their survival in the wild are prominent in even domesticated cats. One such instinct is clawing. Cats like digging their claws into wooden chair or sofa legs because it helps them keep their tiny talons sharp, clean, and free from infection.

So, if you?re looking for a best couch for cats, refrain from buying a sofa with wooden legs. If you don?t have a separate scratching post in the house, your furniture will act as an alluring alternative.

Your cat may view its couch as an attractive sharpening tool. Therefore, you need to buy a scratching post and place it near your cat?s couch or bed.

It is not just legs of a sofa or a chair that are at risk, any type of wooden furniture is a potential sharpening tool for a cat. Think about carefully positioning wooden items in your house, hide or obscure wooden furniture or restrict access to those items.

5. Robust And Affordable

Kittens can be quite precocious and inquisitive. They like playing on couches and comfortable chairs and cause a degree of damage. You need to buy a couch for cats that is robust and built using sturdy material.

You?ll also need to take care of the rest of the furniture placed in your house. Don?t purchase dainty or fragile furniture that won?t stand up.

We all usually prefer investing in affordable things. When it comes to a couch for cats, don?t spend a small fortune, or else, you?ll keep worrying about damages. Invest in something affordable yet durable. Cats can be a bit hard to manage.

But you can make the task easier by selecting the right furniture made with good quality materials. Save yourself a lot of stress and worry by choosing chairs and couches that are conducive to life with cats.

6. Invest In Puncture-resistant Upholstery

Cat’s claws cannot penetrate metal frames on couches. Hence, they are unlikely to scratch on it after trying once. The fabric mostly preferred for upholstery is microfiber which is made from extra-tiny polyester and nylon threads.

This type of best couch material for cats is stain and spill-resistant because the tiny fibers are attached together, creating a lightweight, but dense water-resistant fabric. The density of the material gives it the ability to tackle cat?s abusive claws.

Many people are allergic to cat dander. Even if no one in your family or any of your flatmates is bothered by the fine hair and skin cells cats shed regularly, it is quite likely a visitor may be.

Microfiber fabric is so dense that dander can be vacuumed away before a guest pays you a visit. The upholstery is also easy to clean with a pet roller to make sure you?re not wearing cat?s fur over your clothes.

7. Refrain From Buying Leather

When buying the best couch for cats, many pet parents mistakenly think of leather as a solution for cat-friendly furniture. Although it is easy to clean, fur doesn?t stick to it, and vomit or urine can be quickly wiped away as the fabric won?t absorb it.

Still, leather is not the best sofa material for cats as it shows tiny holes when punctured that will gradually become larger. You may believe that cats are not attracted to leather, but cats actually scratch on practically anything they can scratch.

8. Provide Distractions

Investing in metal frames and scratch-resistant upholstery are some of the basic steps you can take to make sure your cat?s couch lasts long. But you also need to provide other items for your cat to climb and scratch on.

Scratching posts act as additional deterrents and stop your cats from abusing the furniture. Give our pet something else to climb on like a cat tree, or make a carpeted shelving where the kitten can climb and perch. If you?ve noticed lots of scratches on the door-knobs, add hanging toys on them.

9. Consider Covering Up

This is not an important factor to consider, rather a precautionary tip that will help you maintain your cat?s couch in the long run. The simplest way to protect your home?s furniture from your cat is to throw a washable cover on it.

You can use a blanket or sheet for this purpose, but these makeshift covers often slip and come untucked.

Consider buying a well-fitted slipcover to stay put and look neat. SureFit is a brand that manufactures slipcovers for cat couches and other furniture. Buy a cover that is easy to wash and pull off.

Covering up won?t completely solve the scratching problem, but it will definitely act as a protective layer.

Best Couch Materials For Cats

If you?re a pet parent, you probably know what cat claws can do to any piece of furniture, be it a new couch, coffee table, or a recliner.

If you want to purchase a couch for your cat, you need to know which materials need to be considered and which ones need to be avoided entirely. Here?s what you need to know about couch fabrics for cats.

Cats are born to scratch and dig their claws into anything they encounter. They are also creatures of comfort and will mostly spend a lot of time on your bed or sofa. If you?re going to buy a sofa for your pet, consider one of the following fabrics;

  • Microfiber
  • Faux suede
  • Denim
  • Synthetic polyester, rayon, nylon, or acrylic

As highlighted earlier, microfiber is a great choice because it is both stylish and comfortable. If your cat likes to claw at it, it can stand up to a few scratches. Materials like faux suede and synthetics are no longer unfashionable, but more popular than ever because of shifts in design trends and updates introduced to the fabric?s texture.

It is advised to cat parents to stick with fabrics that are tightly woven and avoid loose-weave upholstery like linen and wool. This is crucial for fabrics on armchairs, floor coverings, dining chair pads, etc.

What Materials Need To Be Avoided?

When selecting the best furniture material for cats, entirely avoid fabrics like chenille, cotton, tweed, and silk as cat claws can easily rip them. We are not saying that these fabrics aren?t good; in fact, they are versatile, terrific fabrics, but reserve them for household goods that stay out of cat?s reach.

Additionally, there are two kinds of material that you?ll want to stay away from if you have a pet cat.

1. Sisal

Sisal is an agave plant whose leaves are used to make carpets, clothes, baskets, etc. It is the preferred material for making cat posts and toys because it is a sturdy fiber.

It may be a great material for making different things, but from your cat?s point of view, they?re thinking, ?look at that amazing scratching pad?.

Your new floor covering will be torn before you even realize it. Cats are drawn to these natural fibers so refrain from buying products made of sisal.

2. Leather

Leather furniture is soft, durable, looks classy, and doesn?t really retain pet odors and fur. All these things make it a great furniture textile. But as listed earlier, it is not the best couch material for cats as it is a prime target for cat claws. Once pet claws target leather, the material is never the same again.

You can adorn your house with nice things and share your living room with your feline friends. It?s about being smart with what you buy for your home.

By purchasing a sturdy fabric they?ll be less likely to scratch as well as placing a scratch post for them in your living space, you and your cat can live in perfect harmony in a furnished home.

Now we come to the most awaited section of our guide; product reviews. This review list contains a variety of models manufactured by renowned brands. We have listed both affordable and expensive best couches for cats. You just need to set a budget and select a model keeping all the important factors in mind.

Top 15 Best Couches For Cats 2020

1. PetFusion

PetFusion Best Couch For Cat

The first product on our list of best couch for cat owners is by PetFusion. The brand was founded in 2010 and manufactures essential products forpet owners; cat scratchers, pet feeders, dog beds, cat couches, litter boxes, etc.

Its product designs seamlessly blend with the home environment yet are exceptional in their functionality.

The materials used for construction are of great quality, plus most of the products are affordably priced. It has launched numerous best selling products over the years, and this Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge is no less.

If your feline friend easily gets bored of cat products, look no further than this couch. It is both a lunge and a cat scratcher that?ll definitely keep your finicky pets coming back for more.

It is a custom made design for cats that enjoy lounging around, playing, scratching, etc. The feel of the cardboard is what cats seem to love the most. It not only acts as a scratch post but also offers a comfortable place to rest.

It is a stylish product that?ll flow with your home d?cor, so you won?t have to worry about your cat scratching other furniture placed in the house.

It doesn?t require any assembly and all materials are tested employing international safety standards. It comes in a beautiful walnut brown color. The company not only designs high-quality products, but also actively contributes to animal welfare.


2. Furhaven


Furhaven Pet Products was founded in 2004 with the purpose to offer comfort to pets of all shapes and sizes at an affordable cost. Headquartered in Washington State; it manufactures products that take care of all your pet?s needs.

It specializes in beds and couches for pets and understands that each pet has different needs; some need a cozy cave to burrow in, while the needs of a playful cat differ a lot.

This particular product is available in 7 vibrant colors and 5 sizes; small, medium, large, jumbo, and jumbo plus. So, no matter how big or small your pet, you have lots of options.

You also need to choose from 3 different kinds of foams; orthopedic foam, cooling gel foam, and memory foam. You can select the one that suits your cat plus fits your budget.

It features a three-bolster design that lets your cat lay down in a variety of positions, while providing a lot of cushioned headrest space and comfortable corners for cuddling into.

It is made with the best couch material for cats as faux fleece tops the mattress cushion, accompanied by chenille bolsters. Both these materials are great for your cat?s sensitive noses and paws, offering cuddly soft comfort.

The egg-crate foam base is an important feature because it helps to distribute the body weight evenly, which leads to better circulation.

The recycled fluffy railings it features provide orthopedic support if your cat has aching joints. The couch is easily accessible for elderly and disabled cats.

What makes your job as a pet owner easy is that it is easy to clean. Pets can sometimes present cleaning challenges, that?s why the cover is machine washable. The only issue is that it isn?t suitable for pets with excessive teething behavior. It comes with ninety day limited coverage against material damages.


3. Furhaven


This is another best couch for cats manufactured by Furhaven. Just like the previous one, it also features a three-bolster design that allows your pet to sleep in a number of positions. It provides plenty of space for headrest and cozy corners to snuggle. Its sleeping surface is plush faux fur with silken suede bolsters. Both these materials are gentle on your cat?s noses and paws.

Its egg-crate foam base helps in better circulation by even distribution of body weight. If your cat?s too old or specially-abled, not to worry as this couch is made accessible for elderly and disabled pets.

It is available in a variety of sizes and colors like clay, espresso, gray, deep pool, etc. You don?t even need to worry about cleaning as it is machine washable. It comes with a ninety-day warranty and covers material defects and other damages.


4. North American Pet

North American Pet

Cats have a natural need to scratch. Kittens begin scratching as soon as they grow nails. Hence, cat toys and scratch posts are a must for saving your home furniture.

Spreading carpets in the living room is a good idea as they are great for lounging, but not the best option for scratching. Sisal, on the other hand, is good for scratching.

This best couch for cats is made of sisal and cleans easily with a vacuum and damp cloth. It is plush, comfortable, and stain-resistant and comes in handy when you have pets in your house.


5. Evelots


Evelots Kitty cat scratcher couch measures 19.5 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 5.25 inches in height. It serves both as a couch for pets and a scratching post for cats, and is a great place for your cat to groom its claws.

You just need to sprinkle some catnip on the board to help your cat gravitate towards the scratch board. It features super cute black and orange cartoon cat design and is made of recycled durable cardboard.

For years Evelots has manufactured environment-friendly products with a 30 day easy return policy. The only con is that it is not available in different sizes, so it is fit for only small or medium sized cats.


6. PrimePets


This PrimePets Cat Scratcher lounge and bed is an ideal place for satisfying a cat?s natural scratching needs. This natural lounge scratcher is made specially for the cat body engineering than other products.

It is a multipurpose product as it can be used as a place for cats to relax, can be turned into a cat house, or cat bed.

It is made of premium quality material like high-density corrugated cardboard which is eco-friendly, which means that it won?t be harmful to a cat?s body or hurt its claws. Due to its non-toxic construction it can easily degrade by nature.

It is stress-resistant, bending-resistant, and also great for healthy claws maintenance, stress relief, muscle toning, etc.

This scratching couch can also be used as a cat litter pad for cleaning up litter easily. This cardboard sofa features a versatile classy leopard print design that will add to your home d?cor.

You won?t have to put it away into your store room if any guests come for a visit. It is weighty and sturdy both, hence, it won?t slide around when your cat tries to sharpen its claws on it.

This is definitely one of the best couches for cats because it serves multiple uses. Now you can protect your furniture from claw damage, punctured couches, ripped drapes, etc.


7. PetFusion


This is another cat scratcher manufactured by PetFusion. It features the best couch material for cats, offering a variety of sizes and colors. It is made of recycled cardboard, eco-friendly corn starch glue, and features incredible designs, neutral colors.

It is a scratcher, a lounge, a catnip toy, simply put, an all in one product. Your cat won?t be able to resist scratching on its surface, which means that your other house furniture will be safe from damages.

It features a thoughtful design that provides extra stimulation and extended life. Its subtle curves make for easier scratching and a cozier place to relax and lounge.

It is affordable, has garnered good reviews, and its superior construction and cardboard material last longer than other products.

It comes with a 6 month warranty period, so if there?s any manufacturing defect or you are not completely satisfied with the product you?ve received, don’t worry as it can be easily returned or replaced.


8. Enchanted Home Pet Sofa

Enchanted Home Pet Sofa

This best couch for cat owners by Enchanted Home is a two-in-one product as it serves both as a sofa and a bed. Its 2 inch legs lift bed off the floor, thereby, keeping your pet draft free. It features a storage pocket for cat toys and bones.

The Enchanted Home Pet Snuggle Sofa Bed fits cats up to 10lbs. It comes with a cushion plus a removable and washable cushion cover. The dimensions of the cushion are 27?x11?. The only problem is that this couch isn?t available in bigger sizes, thus, it is only ideal for small cats and kittens.


9. Keet Westerhill

Keet Westerhill

Keet Westerhill pet sofa bed is available in three sizes, small, medium, large; and two color choices; khaki and charcoal. It is a handmade couch bed made of sturdy wood frame and upholstered Minky fabric.

It features a renowned shredded memory foam cushion, covered with extra soft bear skin fabric.

Its zippered cushion cover is both removable and washable. You need to vacuum its Minky fabric often in order to maintain the sofa bed appearance. It comes with 2 matching pillows and is ideal for small and medium sized cats up to 25lbs.


10. Enchanted Home Pet Brown

Enchanted Home Pet Brown

This is another best couch for cat owners manufactured by Enchanted Home. Its2 inches strong wood legs lift the couch off the floor to keep your pet draft free. It is an ideal sofa bed for cats who like to lean or curl while sleeping.

It features storage pockets for keeping cat?s toys or dog bones. It is easy to clean as you just need to wipe it with a wet cloth. It fits pets up to 90lbs, which means that even large cats can comfortably lounge on it.


11. You & Me

You & Me

This couch shaped cat scratcher provides your feline friend with an appropriate place to satisfy its clawing and scratching instincts.

It comes with Catnip from You and Me. It features the best couch fabric for cats which helps with the natural shedding of old claw sheaths. It is made with 100% recycled paper and is available in a variety of colors and patterns.


12. Enchanted Home Pet Caramel

Enchanted Home Pet Caramel

The Enchanted Home Pet Caramel Ultra Plush Library Pet Sofa is the perfect couch for cats who like to curl when they sleep or lounge.

It features storage pockets, washable/removable cushion cover, and fits cats up to 90lbs. Its size makes it ideal for both cats and dogs.


13. Best Friends By Sheri

Best Friends By Sheri

If you are looking for something different for your cat to place in the living room, then look no further than The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler.

This round shaped pet couch is perfect for pets who love to curl up. It encourages better sleep as the raised rim creates a sense of security and offers head and neck support.

The couch?s extremely soft filling offers muscle and joint pain relief. It is cozy, flexible, and features faux shag fur. It also features deep crevices that let your cat to burrow; your pet will definitely have a full, restful sleep on this couch bed. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

As it features both water and dirt-resistant bottoms, it will prevent all accidental mess from reaching your floors. Made of pet-safe non-toxic material, this couch bed won?t harm your pet.

The blend of nylon and faux fur creates a soft mattress that is both functional and comfortable. It is machine washable and dryer safe, limits bad odors, and excess hair.

As it is available in a couple different sizes, it can also be used for dogs. If your cat is up to 25lbs, then go for 23×23? size and if it is up to 45lbs, then size 30×30? will work well.

The only con is that it is not suitable for dogs or pups with excessive teething behavior. Also, note that you need to dry the bed thoroughly after washing to avoid matting of the fur.


14. Enchanted Home Pet

Enchanted Home Pet

This ultra-plush pet bed fits cats up to 10lbs. It is a mini snuggle couch bed for kittens and small cats. If you own a kitten and do not have much space in your living room, then this mini-bed is a good option to consider.

It features storage pockets for toys and bones. It supports elevated draft-free sleeping, and its full loft cushion eases your pet into a comfortable cushion that wraps them in comfort and warmth.


15. Enchanted Home Pet Quicksilver

Enchanted Home Pet Quicksilver

The last product on our list of best couches for cats is another product by Enchanted Home. This classy and stylish sofa bed will add to your home d?cor.

This grey colored cushion sofa will look absolutely stunning in your living room space. It features storage pockets and removable cushion cover which is easy to clean. It fits pets up to 30lbs.


How To Cat-proof Your Couch

If you?ve already bought a separate couch for your cat to lounge in plus a scratching post, still your feline companion is damaging other furniture placed in the house, you need to know a few tricks to tackle the problem.

Cats mostly target couches when it comes to scratching. We?ve already highlighted what materials to opt for when buying the best sofa material for cats. However, there are a few more important tips that?ll help to cat-proof your couch.

1. Set Up Scratching Alternatives

Just because scratching comes naturally to cats doesn?t mean you need to sacrifice your furniture. By setting up decoy scratching posts in different corners of the house, you can give your cat a place to stretch, mark, and groom its nails, without damaging your furniture.

It is highly recommended that you place the posts near your pet?s favorite couches and pieces of furniture. You can invest in a best couch for cats that doubles as a scratching board or else place the post near its bed, as cats often like to scratch after waking up.

A cat tries marking its territory by scratching, thus, cat scratching surfaces are usually prominent areas of the household, not the garage or the basement.

You can gently redirect your cat when it starts scratching the couch by showing it where it?s fine to scratch. You can use reinforcement techniques like giving it treats or use catnips.

Sometimes the cat may not seem interested in the posts, but don?t give up. Instead, try experimenting with different textures, such as carpet, cardboard, sisal, etc. You can also change the position or the angle of the post to pique your cat?s interest.

2. Embrace Velvet

If you?re looking to buy a new couch for your living area, consider investing in a velvet couch. It is recommended because the fabric?s loop threads make it tough for cats to dig their claws into.

3. Freshen And Protect With Citrus

Generally, cats don?t like citrus-based scents, so if you spray your furniture with air freshener, it will force them to find another spot to hang out and practice their scratching.

If you don?t feel like buying an air-freshener, there is a DIY option too. Squeeze a lemon into one liter of water, and then add orange essential oil and eucalyptus oil to the water.

Spray the mixture on the sofa. Test a small space first. If it works, then you can spray it all over your couch. Citrus-based scents smell lovely to people, but cats hate them.

4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Cats also dislike the smell of apple cider vinegar. You need to combine equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water, pour the mix into a spray bottle and spray it over the spots where your cat likes to scratch. Spray it one a small area to check if the mix harms the fabric.

5. Get Sticky With It

Double-sided tape is another way to save your couch. Cats also hate sticky things. You need to place the tape on the furniture and place a scratching post nearby to redirect them. Your cats will eventually learn the purpose of the scratching post, and then your couch will be safe, making the tape a temporary fixture.

6. Consider Pheromones

In multi-cat households, it is better to get a cat pheromone plug-in and place it in the room with the most furniture. Pheromones usually mellow cats out, so the cat will likely be more interested in taking a nap rather than scratching the nearby furniture.

7. Don?t Be Tempted To Declaw

According to a lot of experts, declawing is never the right option. The procedure involves amputation of the last bone in the cat?s toes which can be extremely painful.

Declawing could also lead to more mess and be counterproductive to your couch-protecting efforts. Declawed cats less often use the litter box as it hurts to dig, so they begin peeing or pooping elsewhere.

You can try keeping your cat?s nails trimmed, beginning at a young age so they get used to the process. You can also use a product that covers the claws with a vinyl sheath. It is a temporary solution for use as the cat learns about scratching posts.

Tired Yet?

We have covered almost all the necessary information you need to know before buying the best couch for cats. Keep all the important tips and factors in mind to invest in a couch that will be loved by your feline companion.

In our product review list, we?ve tried mentioning different kinds of products to give you an idea about what?s trending in the market.

If you don?t like any of the models listed in the guide, you are free to explore more on your own. Just make sure you check the product reviews online before purchasing any model. Choose wisely!

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