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Best Cat Trees Of 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree best cat treesGo Pet Club 72 inches Cat TreeARMARKAT 57-Inch Cat Tree

Cats lovers, this is an important guide for you. It is easy to own a cat as a pet, but the royal creature requires us to take good care. If we neglect proper care, they tend to act out, right? Our lovely furniture and home d?cor have to face the consequences, and that is heartbreaking.

So how can you make your cat understand that it is valued? Is there a way to entice them and prevent them from harming your furniture? Cat trees are the answer to your prayers. We are bringing you the list of best cat trees so the you can pick the right accesory


Factors To Look For While Buying A Cat Tree

There are several factors you can look for when trying to determine the best cat tower, but it all comes down to these two simple factors:

1. Comfort

The cat needs to be comfortable in their cat tree. It is, after all, their house. The focus of a cat tree is to enable the cat to feel welcome and comfortable. It should lower their strolls around the house and random spots for resting and sleeping. Cats like to sleep in various positions and surface levels, sometimes they like to sink in, and other times they like to lay on the flat surface. Best cat condos come with various modules for the cat to have an apt personal space. As they also love heights, many cat trees have the best height options for them.

2. Entertainment

The main reason for getting a cat tree is to keep your pet busy. Entertainment has to be one of the primary factors. The kind of material the condo is made up of, and varying activities it allows, plays a huge role. Some of the best cat towers have toys and sisal layering to give your cat a single stop for all their entertainment needs. They can indulge in the activity of playing with their prey by using the toy, or scratching to their heart?s content. It will save your furniture and other objects around your house.

Other Tips To Help You Determine The Best Cat Tree House

1. Prioritize Cats Over House

When you?re selecting a cat tree, make sure that house decor and appearance is not the major contributing factor. It should be more about cats and their comfort. However, you still need to maintain a balance between the ample space and house decors, for the perfect aesthetic appeal of the house. If you?re not bothered by factors like the appearance of the house, then you will already prioritize the cats. However, this list includes some of the more fancy options for contemporary house lovers as well.

2. Comfortable Cleaning Options

Cats love to keep themselves clean, and they would expect their home to be clean as well. Although they may get a little smelly, they are very royal about their appearance and appeal. It is important to keep their house clean, or they will abandon it. Hence, a cat house should offer convenient cleaning options, to ensure easy clean-ups while they still maintain optimal comfort. You have to select the one that offers better cleaning compatibility, because you are going to have to clean it eventually.

3. Pay Attention To The Material

Make sure that the cat tree house?s structure has certified materials. There are many options that cats are allergic to, in terms of the fur coating. A cat house?s structure should also be qualitative and robust with durability, withstanding the heavy activities of the cat-like jumping, pounding, and so on. Try to get premium quality instead of any rug rag. This list takes care of it for you.

4. Get The Right Size

Always measure your cat and its size to make sure you don?t end up with a smaller size option. It is also better to get a bigger cat tree than the smaller ones because kittens will eventually grow. The bigger condos will also offer capacious space to multiple small cats, and if you decide to get a bigger cat, it will find its rightful place.

Top 20 Best Cat Trees 2020

1. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree best cat trees

Manufactured from durable and compressed woods, Go Pet club is wrapped in faux fur. It will offer a sophisticated comfort to your cats. With multiple scratching posts, your cat will always have new sources of entertainment to try their scratching ideas. Natural sisal ropes ensure that the scratch posts remain intact for a prolonged period. It offers apt space to your cat.

The cat tree has a fantastic option for the cats to nap or play with it, and is great to keep your cat active. More importantly, the rooms of the condo dampen sound and offer a soothing experience for the cats. There are different modules and structures for your cat to rest upon, to indulge in their strange postures.

The cat tree comes with decent size, and it is easy to install, with instructions given to ensure you do not miss anything. It is also aesthetically pleasing and will fall right in the alignment of your house. Though there is only one ladder, and it may be better for a single cat, you can still have a single cat tree for more than one cat.


2. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72 inches Cat Tree

Here comes another, bigger cat tree than the previous one. This Go Pet Club creation also comes with two condos and two ladders. There are around fifteen levels on this cat tree. It also offers a better color scheme with the use of dominating black fur with white ropes, and it certainly stands out as a throne for royalty – iin this case, your cat.

There are sisal covered scratching posts to fulfill all your cat?s scratching needs. Furthermore, there is an addition of toy mice that would keep your cat busy. It will enable them to hone their predatory instincts and hunting skills while they remain in the comfort of their homes. The module falls right along in the list of the best cat trees for multiple cats.

There are multiple perches, apart from the additional condos. So your cats will not have to fight
to take the position. It does not take too much space, and the cats especially love it. The material and fur will immediately make the cats feel like home for the utmost comfort. Backed with the quality of the company, it is fairly easy to assemble and DIY for the convenience of the cat owners.


3. ARMARKAT B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory

ARMARKAT 57-Inch Cat Tree

Here comes one of the best cat condos , with the alluring shade of ivory that your cat will love. It houses a single condo and two towers with two perches at the top. The option is perfect for those who own a single cat, and it even comes with toy mice dangling for your cat. There are multiple levels to this cat tree, despite not having any visible ladder for integration.

More importantly, it has a robust construct, capable of holding weight of up to 20lbs. Meaning, it is great for even fat or heavy cats you may own. With firm standing, it is also capable of withstanding the force of your cat jumping on it from various levels or directions. There are perfect scratch posts covered in the sisal layer for those lovely scratches for your cat.

It is one of the easiest cat trees available for assembly, and even a kid can DIY it without any issues. The friendly and comfortable cat tree will fit in any part of your house. With its premium material, it also allows your cat to mark it as the home territory and start enjoying it within a matter of minutes.


4. Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree

There is an extensive collection of cat trees available in the market. However, they seem to lack one of the very important aspects, cleaning. It should be easy for us to clean and maintain because it is our cat?s house. In other words, it is bound to get dirty and stinky. Furhaven?s Pet Cat Tree is one of the easiest selections to clean.

It comes with several fun options for entertainment. There is the mouse toy that hangs, two puffballs, and dangling rope. There is an entire IQ busy box and , countless ideas to keep your cat busy. Scratching posts are covered with standard sisal, and the surface is plush with soft faux fur that covers an entire platform, including ladders.

There are two cat condos, and one of the best parts about it is the multiple levels and platforms that would keep your cat enticed. There are different color choices available for the cat house. It comes with a warranty of the company and has a robust construction to overcome the weight requirement and intensive physical activities of the cat. In short, it is a complete package that is sufficient for around two cats to live peacefully.


5. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club is bringing you another sophisticated collection for the cat tree. With the sisal ropes on scratching posts, dangler, and mice toy, it is a complete collection for your cats. It is in one of the lower price ranges for the cat tree, and perfect for those with a tight budget.

Coming with a faux fur board with compressed wood, it has lower levels than the other higher priced ones. However, it is in no way less than the other products on the list. There are apt space and condos for the comfortable sanctuary for your cats. Furthermore, you get a unique color of brown shades that goes hand in hand with the wooden furniture in your house.

One of the best things about Go Pet Club?s products is their lure that makes cats get comfortable with the material immediately. Cats love it, and more importantly, you will find apt space for an average-sized cat in the condo. Though it might be smaller for bigger cats. Hence, you should check for the size first. It is fairly easy to assemble without any obstruction: simple instruction, and clean installation.


6. BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo

BestPet Cat Tree

One of the tallest cat trees with 72 inches of height, BestPet is bringing you a single cat tree that will be a solution to your cat and furniture rivalry. No more damage to your furniture, as the cat tree will take all the heat of the scratching with its sisal ropes. The construction is stable, where it can lift multiple cats and support them in the condos. This one falls in the category of best cat trees for multiple cats.

The plushy and softcover, especially of condos, gives your kitty the best house to sleep in. There are perches for your cat?s naptime. It is full of various activities, from scratching to climbing, sleeping to exercising. The cat tree works best when placed near the entrance like a window, or in a corner.

It is DIY friendly and can be assembled within thirty minutes. There are multiple ladders, spacious condos, multiple perches, and apt availability of the platform. This is a singular investment to house multiple cats. With the unique blue, beige and brown colouring scheme, select the one that suits your imminent requirements. Each part of the cat tree is capable of offering a certain platform for your cat to find a fun activity.


7. Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree Tower Condo

Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree

With two hideaway house condos and soft lounging sports for warmth, Yaheetech brings you a cat tree tower that is manufactured with impeccable quality material, with 0.5 g particle board and 400 grams of skin-friendly plush for your cats that covers the entire structure. There are natural sisal ropes for your cats to play and sharpen their claws with.
You will find three perches on the top with apt height for your cats. It is especially great near the windows to enable your cats to have a look outside. There are several layers and levels to the tower that fits the instincts of cats to climb. Backing up its level and cat tree module, is the sturdy design with stronger stability to prevent any falling or breaking from the cat?s activities.

Apart from the scratching posts, it comes with two furballs as extra options for toys. The material of the cat tree oozes premium-ness, making it one of the best cat furniture you can opt for, as it will complement your home’s d?cor and aesthetics. It is easy to assemble with comprehensive instructions. There are even safety straps to ensure that it does not fall off, and you can easily stick them into the wall or some other anchor.


8. Vesper Cat Furniture

Vesper Cat Furniture

If you?re looking for a cat tree that also acts as an elegant piece of furniture, this one’s for you. It has that slick design with wooden textures and aesthetics to meet modern innovations of households. There are so many designs to choose from, that fit right into modern contemporary styles. Take a single glance at their collection, and you will get addicted. There is no doubt that it is one of the best cat furniture you can buy.

For those cat lovers who love sophistication and want their cats to have a regal house, this one’s for you. It comes with impeccably placed furs and sisal ropes around to enable your cat to have ideal fun. If your cat loves the furniture too much, especially the wooden exuberance, then Vesper?s V-designs will certainly captivate them.

You can place it near the window where your cat will love the outside view. But they may not get a chance, as Vesper also offers dangling toys and other convenient installations for their selection. One of the best parts about it is the fact that you will find it suitable for adult cats and smaller cats alike.


9. FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree

Here is Feandrea?s 67 inches cat tree house that offers multiple levels for the luxury of your cats. With premium material and layers, it offers a perfect cat-house ambiance to your cat. It is an all-in-one cat tree that comes with spacious condos, and hammocks with different perches at the top. In addition to the perches is an elevated edge, almost like a pillow for your cats to rest their heads on.

The entire Cat Tree is one of the most stable constructs you may come across, capable of handling the weight of multiple cats with utmost sturdiness. The battens at the bottom certainly offer it a better grip. Your cats will not be able to topple it, even if they tried deliberately.

Covering the entertain prospects, it offers reinforced posts covered with natural sisal ropes. It allows your cat to play with them and exercise aptly to sharpen their nails and predatory instincts. Your furniture will not face the wrath of your cats anymore. More importantly, there is customer service available for you to guide you through the buying process, and they always assist you after you buy their product. In other words, a lifetime of assurance with this product is achievable.


10. FEANDREA Multi-Level Cat Tree for Big Cats


This is one of the more playfully cute designs by Feandrea that still showcases the premium quality in each glance. You can notice the soft, plush fur laying on top of the robust wooden structure to offer your cat a comfortable home in the form of a condo and multiple levels of perches. The cat can jump around, roll, or rest itself on any of the platforms with elevated edges for the warm embrace.

If you?re having a hard time deciding whether to buy this one or not, you can always contact their customer service. They are unbiased and will help you determine the right choice for you and answer all the queries. If you?re satisfied, you can make a purchase, and they will keep offering solutions to any of your problems after your purchase, for as long as you?re seeking their services.

More importantly, the structure comes with a similar reassurance of stability and a strong structure of carb-certified particle board with reinforced battens. It offers the standard sisal scratching posts for your cat to indulge in playful activities. There are additional hanging puffballs and toys for more options. Overall, it is a complete home set fulfilling the imminent needs of your cat.


11. Go Pet Club F206 Cat Tree Condo

Go Pet Club F206 Cat Tree Condo

Go Pet strikes again with a wooden condo with faux fur covering each layer with the standard integration of sisal rope. It is easy to assemble with thorough step-by-step instructions. This tree condo is a construct that is ready to be the perfect choice for your cat. But what separates it from the competition? The Cat tree comes with multiple levels and two perches available at any given time.

There are two unique condos, one bigger than others to offer apt space for a growing cat, or house one large and one medium-sized cat easily. Capable of withstanding immense weight and force, it is one of the most sturdy designs available. Topping it is the unique color of brown, that will enable the cats to feel more like home.

One of the best features of this product is the ease of cleaning. There are multiple options from vacuuming to washing, and it will remain intact and functioning despite the cleaning options you employ. It is also easy for you to modify the construct and make necessary altercations according to your cat?s requirement. Hence, it is a flexible option for your cat and a very DIY-friendly cat tree.


12. AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Platform

AmazonBasics Cat Tree

Amazon has this remarkable trait of becoming a pioneer in any field it enters. It is surprising, but Amazon offers a cat tree platform for cat lovers all around the globe. And you guessed it right, it is one of the best cat towers available for us in the market. It is a singular integration you need to keep your cat busy.

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree comes with natural jute fiber scratching posts that help the cats in keeping their nails sharp and healthy. More importantly, each pillar, including the stairs, is wrapped around comfortably in these ropes to allow the cat various options of scratching and reduce the chances of furniture damage to the minimum.

The perches are rounded instead of square and offer cats ample space for relaxation or playing with their favorite toys. It comes with several different options of color tones with premium coverings that offer you extensive range to choose according to the designs of your house. You don?t have to compromise anymore. Furthermore, the cat tree is remarkably well-constructed with high durability that will last for prolonged periods.


13. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

This is the second AmazonBasics? Cat Tree, but it has a different innovation on multiple levels. While it is backed up by the same quality of Amazon with standard playing and resting options, it comes with more levels. Hence, it can easily also suit multiple cats. While the basic design only comes with a single condo, you have options for various customizations available.
You can choose anyone from dual condos, hammocks to ladders, tunnels, or multiple platforms. In other words, you have a very flexible choice, backed up by the quality assurance of Amazon. Much like other options on the list, you can completely customize and DIY the cat tree to fit your needs of the structure. The material is fantastic with jute ropes, and other materials are of premium level.

You may also find various color shades for selection. It also comes with several other durable coloring options to ensure your cat can play for longer periods without damaging the condo. There is a certain stability in the design, as it does not falter or topple in any manner. You can place it in any part of your home and witness it, enhancing the show of your house.


14. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture

Bewishome comes with two larger platforms with cushions and two condos that are large and spacious. It is a suitable addition to the house for big cats or multiple smaller ones. You will find a comfortable hammock with other furniture. It also comes with scratching posts wrapped around by the sisal. While it is suitable for bigger cats, it certainly is more spacious and enthralling for the smaller ones.

It offers a balanced design with a rigid base that renders it incapable of building in any manner, nor would it fall off due to any disbalance caused by the weight or physical activities of the cats. There is an anchor strap it comes with, and you can install it to the wall or other furniture to offer extra integrity to the entire structure and prevent any accidents.

One of the best features of this cat tree is the plush covering that remains intact and retains its softness, despite getting cleaned multiple times. It is one of the primary problems with cat tree owners that they have to recover the cat tree with a new layer after some time. However, this one has a better quality of material lasting longer. Easier than others to assemble, it comes with various innovations for DIY users.


15. On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture

On2Pets Cat Condo Furniture

Now, if you heard the name ?Cat Tree? and thought about the possibility of there being an actual tree, this On2Pet Cat Condo is your ideal choice. The company has managed to bring the innovation of outdoor appeal for your indoors. Much like artificial decors like trees and wallpapers, this cat condo comes with the aesthetical designs of trees. There are different colors and modules available for choice.

It is strong and easily capable of withholding the total weight of up to 32 pounds, while reaching a height of 5 feet easily. The quick assembly and easy manuals will get your cat condo ready within 20 minutes top, and you don?t even need any professional to DIY! As it is for indoor purposes, the company has paid attention to the color shades and availability of options to suit the choice of multiple people.

It offers platforms for the cat to jump and climb and relax. It, however, lacks the scratching poles and surfaces as artificial leaves take its place. If you?re only looking to offer your cat a place to stay at, then this one is perfect. There aren?t any condos or any such designs. Only platforms on various elevated levels for your cats to hide under and enjoy.


16. FEANDREA 68.5 Inches Sturdy Cat Tree

FEANDREA 68.5 Inches Sturdy Cat Tree

With the comfort of the Cat Tree and all of its luxuries, Feandrea is bringing you an additional feature of using the cat bowl in the Cat Tree House. That?s right, and your cat does not have to go anywhere else anymore. It can eat where it sleeps and relaxes. Do you think that is going to be lazy and turn your cat fat? Not at all, because it also has all the essential exercise and playful integrations like sisal poles and puffballs hanging to entice your cat into regular exercise.

If you were worried about other animals eating your cat?s food, Feandrea has brought you the solution. It is a highly stable structure with CARB-certified particle boards and battens to ensure impeccable rigidness with anti-toppling fitting like anchors to reinforce its stature. It comes with all the great and comfortable options like elevated levels, platforms, hammock and condos for the privacy of your cat.

More importantly, it is easy to assemble and has convenient cleaning options. It will retain the integrity and soft plush even after washes. And we all know that the cat?s house needs washes because of how messy it can get. Customer care and support are also available all the time to offer their insights and guides that help you take better care of the cat tree and your pets.


17. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo

Bewishome is bringing you a spacious and larger cat tree that is suitable for the large, and fat cats. With fantastic options like three platform beds with raised edges and two spacious houses, it offers relaxation for your kittens. More importantly, it offers great sisal platforms that are aptly available for your cats and the jingle puffballs that will keep your cats enticed and always save your furniture, especially in your absence.

The company is known to make some remarkably premium structures. If you?re someone who doesn?t want to invest in high-end produce and still manage a robust structure, this is a good choice for you. As your cat may get moody and decide that instead of scratching, it wants to jump, the cat tree offers several layers for their climbing and jumping needs.

Worried about the toppling? Don?t be. It comes with a highly balanced and rigid base that enables the cats to pounce on it to their heart?s content, and it won?t topple or break. As it is DIY-friendly, you can also assemble it according to your requirements. There is also a wall anchor to attach against the wall or furniture to further augment its stability and hold, enabling multiple cats to wreak havoc on the cat tree that won?t bulge.


18. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo Furniture Kitten

BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

This one is perfect for your growing kittens that will soon turn into big cats. If you?re someone who is worried about all the essential skills and practice your cats need to hone its instincts and talents, this is the best cat tower. It comes with great resting options that BEWISHOME is known to offer, and also has all the integral features like sisal posts and toys like mice and puffballs. More importantly, there are levels your cat can practice to climb.

With the quality of the company, you are getting a sturdy structure, as we know. However, it also offers you a remarkable quality of plush that you can clean and maintain. You can touch it after washing it, and it will still offer a soft sensation with apt warmth.

Although this particular cat tree may turn small for the grown kitten over time, it will still be a comfortable addition for a single growing cat. For multiple cats? It can offer the leisure of a cat tree, but the condos aren?t as capacious as they?re supposed to be. It is also one of the most DIY-Friendly options available, that will be ready within half an hour at max.


19. Nova Microdermabrasion 53 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree Stand House Furniture Kittens

Nova Microdermabrasion 53 Inches Cat Tree Stand

If you?re tired of your cat running amok, getting lost and being a menace with furniture, no more. The Nova Cat Tree is bringing a perfect home in the form of a cat tree for your feline pets. It offers comfort and outdoor activities inside the house. However, it is only great for two cats in a single go. At best, the size is capable of holding four cats at once.

This cat tree matches its competitors with reinforced platforms and strong particle boards. Covering it is a soft and warm plush that your cat will love. Here it also has sisal ropes and dangling puff balls imbued in the right places to safeguard your furniture. It will keep the cats busy scratching, so they won?t have time for your furniture. There is also an anchor to prevent tripping or toppling of the platform.

It is easy to assemble with great instructions. You can establish two condos with lounging sports and around three platforms with this selection. It also has multiple layers and ladder addition to satiate all sorts of climbing needs of your feline partner. There are different colors, like a lighter shade of grey, standard grey, and the royal beige color.


20. BEWISHOME Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo

BEWISHOME Multilevel Cat Tree

Plushy perches, cozy baskets, hammocks, sisal scratching posts, and condos, this particular cat tree offers you everything and more. There are two platform beds and two condos with two baskets and a cozy hammock. A little too many options for a single cat, which means you can house more than one cat on this fantastic cat furniture.

Not only sisal posts, but it also has dangling puffballs when your cats want something more active. The strong structure is capable of withstanding the weight, immense pouncing, and jumping of large cats without compromising its integrity. It is strongly balanced with a rigid base and comes with the standard anchor strap.

Much like other Bewishome?s other cat tree products, it comes with the soft plush layers that retain their integrity for prolonged periods with continuous washing and cleaning. You can also use simple vacuuming techniques. More importantly, apart from the obvious applications for the cats, it is also a great decor option for your house, with apt coloring themes available with it. Black and light grey will suit any color of the cat and any module of furniture you have. It also has a reliance on the quality of the Bewishome company.



It is a great idea to give your cats a location where they can rest and relax. You can adore them while they indulge in various activities, or simply look cute while laying around. It is true that these cat trees are very appealing to the cats and also offers to nurture them, while also adding living standards to your house. From premium quality to varying color options, and many features like feeding bowls and multiple levels, this list is up to date, and better than the best cat trees 2018. It is a single selection you need for your house to take care of all the needs of your cats, especially in your absence.

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